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Independent Queer Cinema

Tipo de artículo: Libro.
Autor: Gary M. Kramer.
Título en español: No editado en España.
Título original: Independent Queer Cinema.
Editorial: Harrington Park Press.
Año: 2006.
Edición: 1ª.
Páginas: 262.
ISBN: 978-1560233435.
Idioma original: Inglés.

Introduction: There’s no accounting for taste.
Part I: Interviews.
Chapter 1. Intriguing Queer Filmmakers.
Chapter 2. Fierce Eroticism.
Chapter 3. Queering the Lines.
Chapter 4. Fascinating Actors.
Chapter 5. Promising Starts.
Chapter 6. Not Their True Calling.
Part II: Film Reviews.
Chapter 7. Hot and Sexy.
Chapter 8. Intimacy.
Chapter 9. Seductive.
Chapter 10. Heartache.
Chapter 11. Such a Drag.
Chapter 12. Bad Taste.
Chapter 13. Just Plain Offensive.
Chapter 14. Shock and Awe.
Chapter 15. Passions.
Chapter 16. Family Redefined.
Chapter 17. Artistic Temperaments.
Chapter 18. Coming of Age.
Name Index.
Title Index.