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Out takes: Essays on Queer Theory and Film

Tipo de artículo: Libro.
Autor: Varios.
Título en español: No editado en España.
Título original: Out takes: Essays on Queer Theory and Film.
Editorial: Duke University Press.
Año: 1999.
Edición: 1ª.
Páginas: 364.
ISBN: 978-0822323426.
Idioma original: Inglés.

Introduction: Out takes (Ellis Hanson).

CRUISE CONTROL: Rethinking Masculinity in Classic Cinema
Queering the Deal: On the Road with Hope and Crosby (Steven Cohan)
The Queer Asthete, the Diva and the Red Shoes (Alexander Doty)
Rear Window’s Glasshole (Lee Edelman)
Visual Pleasure in 1959 (D. A. Miller)

LESBIAN LOOKS: Desire, Identification, Fantasy
Cassandra’s Eyes (Bonnie Burns)
«That Ain’t All She Ain’t»: Doris Day and Queer Performativity (Eric Savoy)
Lesbian Who Bite (Ellis Hanson)
Heavenly Creatures in Godzone (Michelle Elleray)

QUEERING THE REEL: Sexual Politics and Independent Cinema
White Neurotics, Black Primitives and the Queer Matric of Borderline (Jean Walton)
Scandalous! Kenneth Anger and the Prohibitions of Hollywood History (Mathhey Tinkcom)
Queer Period: Derek Jarman’s Renaissance (Jim Ellis)
Forbidden Love: Pulb as Lesbian History (Amy Villarejo)