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What are «Gayo Awards for LGTB Cinema and Television»?

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«Gayo Awards for LGTB Cinema and Television» were created in 2001 by Homocine to award the best lesbian, gay, transexual and bisexual-themed films (LGTB) of the year. In 2003 edition, the equivalent awards for TV series were created, and since 2007 those series specially designed for the Internet can be also nominated. The distinctive feature of these symbolic awards (the winners don’t receive any economic award nor of any other kind) is that the visitors of Homocine are the jury who decides the winners. With many editions already, Gayo Awards have become a keynote of LGTB Cinema and Television in Spanish language.

The name «Gayo Awards» is a pun between the word «gay» and «Goya Awards», delivered by the Academy of the Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain. The translation into Spanish is «Premios Gayo de Cine y Televisión LGTB»® and is protected by the laws of industrial property after its registration as a trademark at the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks. Our logo shows a multicoloured cock, another play on words between Spanish «gallo» (cock) and «gay». Our mascot doesn’t have a name yet. If you’d like to suggest a name for our «gayo», please leave a message in our forum.


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