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Spectacular Passions. Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships

Tipo de artículo: Libro.
Autor: Brett Farmer.
Título en español: No editado en España.
Título original: Spectacular Passions. Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships.
Editorial: Duke University Press.
Año: 2000.
Edición: 1ª.
Páginas: 305.
ISBN: 978-0822325895.
Idioma original: Inglés.

Introduction: At First Sight: Definitions, Clarifications, and Assorted Prolegomena.
Something a Little Strange: Theorizing Gay Male Spectatorships.
Fantasmatic Escapades: Gay Spectatorships and Queer Negotiations of the Hollywood Musical.
Camping under the Stars: Gay Spectatorships, Camp, and the Excessive Female Star Image.
Mommie Dearest: Gay Spectatorships and Formations of Maternal-Oriented Desire.
Papa, can’t you see that I’m flaming? Gay Spectatorships and Figures of Masculinity.



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